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EXTEC® 344

Advanced Cleaning Technology for Application Equipment

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EXTEC® 344 is a high pH tank and equipment cleaner that thoroughly penetrates, solubilizes, and removes pesticide residue and hard water deposits from sprayer tank walls, hoses, screens, and nozzles. It is recommended for equipment used to apply active ingredients registered for agricultural, aquatic, forestry, industrial, municipal, non-cropland, ornamental, rights-of-way, turf, and other appropriate uses.




  • High pH tank and equipment cleaner penetrates, solubilizes pesticides and chemically bonds the residue for removal with the rinsate from tanks, hoses, screens, and nozzles.
  • Can be used for overnight soaking when needed
  • Recommended for use following applications with hard to remove active ingredients such as flumioxazin, dicamba, chlorimuron, or multiple mode of action tank mixes


Use approximately one ounce of EXTEC® 344 per 100 gallons of water or 0.25% to 0.5% v/v