CHECKDOWN™ is a quality anti-transpirant designed to minimize the stresses plants endure in adverse growing conditions or during transplanting. Forming a sticky, elastic film that coats the plant surfaces, an application of CHECKDOWN™ will remain on the plant for an extended period of time, resisting wash off, weather conditions, and plant movement. This pliable film does not impede plant growth while providing a barrier against the natural moisture loss that occurs during transpiration.

  • Reduces the effects of water deficits in plants when root systems are deprived of normal moisture intake due to dry soils, reent transplanting, or similar stressful conditions
  • Protects against air pollution, infrared and ultraviolet rays, hot or cold and dry winds
  • Provides several degrees of frost protection
  • Ideal for: new seedlings or recently transplanted plants, protecting plants from seasonal extremes, sod farms and landscape/nursery plantings of deciduous evergreens, all cut greenery such as holiday wreaths, trees, garland, bittersweet vine and holly, turf and plantings near walks, parking lots, and roads subject to salt spray from winter ice control

1 Gallon
2.5 Gallon

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