Lake & Pond Dye


BOWL GAME™ Blue pond and lake dye is a highly concentrated colorant that is non-toxic and creates a beautiful natural appearance for any lake, pond, or fountain. BOWL GAME™ Blue pond dye is safe for fish and aquatic species, water fowl, wildlife and pets. It is a non-corrosive dye and when used according to recommended rates, will not stain stone, fountains, approved aquatic features, or swimwear.

  • Available in liquid and powder (water soluble bags)
  • Ideal for all ponds, lakes, and fountains
  • Enhance the natural beauty of water features
  • Restores the reflective luster to water features that have become dingy and off-colored
  • Obscures visibility into the water
  • Reduces sunlight penetration
  • Disperses with natural currents and windblown water movement

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1 Gallon
2.5 Gallon

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