Tank Cleaner


ONSIDE KICK™ tank cleaner is formulated to help reduce or eliminate residues from mix tanks. Thorough cleaning of spray equipment with ONSIDE KICK™ before changing to the next pesticide greatly reduces the chances of previous tank mix solutions affecting future spraying. ONSIDE KICK™ has an extremely alkaline pH and helps to remove acid active ingredients more efficiently.

  • Helps to avoid damaging plants with cross contamination of spray solutions
  • Recommended for cleaning and maintaining all spray equipment
  • Reduces carryover of active ingredients
  • Cleaning equipment regularly extends the life of seals and moving parts by removing actives, residues, and other corrosive materials
  • Ideal for: cleaning pesticide actives and other residues out of poly and fiberglass spray systems that are harder to decontaminate than stainless steel equipment




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1 Quart


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