Marking Dye


HASH MARK™ marking dyes are concentrated colorants specifically designed to help identify pesticide or fertilizer spray application patterns. When applying solutions containing HASH MARK™, an applicator can visually confirm the quality of the spray application and eliminate costly mistakes caused by skips and overlaps. HASH MARK™ is formulated using dyes that are safe for the environment.

  • Temporary dye dissipates naturally; application area quickly returns to its natural appearance
  • Safe to add to any tank mix; will not affect chemical efficacy of active ingredients and will not injure sensitive turf, ornamentals, or other plants
  • Available in liquid or water soluble bags (WSB)
  • Ideal for: providing spray visibility to show applicators and their supervisors what has been treated
  • Using liquid formulation: add directly into the tank during mixing process
  • Using WSB: Fill tank to 1/2 the desired level of water, turn on agitation and add the recommended number of WSBs, then continue filling tank to desired level with water. Continuing agitation, add actives and adjuvants as needed and finish filling tank with water to desired level
  • Handle with care, as the dye will stain rocks, decking, and other porous surfaces if spilled or applied as a concentrate

Liquid Formulation: 0.75 to 1.5 ounces per 10 gallons of spray mix
Water Soluble Bags: 1 bag per 50 gallons of spray mix

Note: HASH MARK™ usage may be changed according to the specific needs for the operation being performed and is dependent on turf color, turf height, and spray application rate.


Dry Marking Dye: 1 Box (10 WSB)
Liquid Marking Dye: 1 Gallon


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