Formation-250x364FORMATION™ polyacrylamide (PAM) anionic copolymer tackifier is a dual functioning formulation that has a unique ability to be tacky and slippery at the same time. The sticking power and tackiness help hydro-mulches adhere and bond to the soil surface for improved seed germination and reduced chance of washouts. The slipper property of FORMATION™ acts as a lubricant in hydroseeding slurries which maximizes spray distribution. When applied to bare soils, FORMATION™ helps reduce erosion and runoff.

  • FORMATION™ is a granular polyacrylamide that persists on the soil longer than other organic tackifiers
  • At lower application rates, FORMATION™ has the same holding capacity as other tackifiers
  • When added to the soil or a hydroseed slurry, water requirements can be reduced
  • Flocculates soil particles: larger particles dramatically reduces erosion from bare soil areas
  • Ideal for: hydroseeding for turf establishment, slope stabilization and erosion control, reseeding after fire, native restoration and preservation projects
  • How to use: add FORMATION™ after all other components have been added and mixed well. While still agitating, add FORMATION™ at the recommended use rate and continue to mix well for at least 5 minutes
  • Mix with water for direct spray-on applications
  • For granular spreading applications, apply using conventional spreaders that are able to meter fine powders

Application: Hydroseeding
Use Rate: 3 to 8 pounds per acre

Application: Direct Spray-On
Use Rate: 2/3 pounds per 1,000 gallons per acre

Application: Powder Spreader
Use Rate: 5 pounds per acre




15 Pound Jug


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