Fungicide Activator


HAND OFF™ is a high quality adjuvant designed to augment the performance of systemic and contact fungicides while it extends disease control. HAND OFF™ provides superior spray coverage and deposition characteristics. It assists the fungicide in sticking to the leaf surface where it provides optimal control.

  • Spreads spray droplets upon contact to maximize coverage of target surfaces
  • Reduces wash-off from rain or irrigation
  • Includes humectants to slow drying time and enhance fungicide activity
  • Superior emulsion of tank mix partners disperses fungicide actives throughout the spray
  • Ideal for: golf courses, sports fields, sensitive turf grasses such as greens or tee boxes, and commercial or residential lawns
  • How to use: add directly into the tank during the mixing process

Application: All Fungicides
Use Rate: 1 pint per 100 gallons of spray mix

1 Gallon

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