Exacto Branded Turf Program

With over 30 years of experience in building distribution partnerships to provide growers with quality integrated pest management products, we understand the need for constant innovation to ensure turf managers, superintendents and lawn care professionals have the tools they need for effective chemical applications. That is why we have selected some of our best formulations to assemble a comprehensive and consistent specialty chemical application product program registered for immediate sale to turf managers in most regions. Benefits of partnering with Exacto include:

  • Turnkey application products program
  • Results proven by university & independent researchers
  • Promotional support to increase volumes
  • POS and retail training support services

Comprehensive Product Program

A consistently labeled line of specialty chemicals across multiple categories:
Activator Adjuvants | Application Aids | Direct Application

Activator Adjuvants

A lot of variables can have a significant impact on the performance of pesticide applications. From solution pH and water quality in the tank to pest vigor and unexpected weather after spraying, some applications seem like a game of chance. Tip the scales of success in your favor by creating the optimum conditions in which pesticides perform effectively in every tank. After all, the most expensive application is the one that fails to achieve the desired results.

YARDAGE – Multi-Purpose Adjuvant Blend

Enhance the overall performance of acidic tank mixes

HAND OFF – Fungicide Activator

Enhance the performance of fungicide applications

COMPLETION – Water Conditioner

Minimize impact water can have on active ingredients

AUDIBLE 90 & 80 – Nonionic Surfactant

Concentrated surfactant blends enhances spreading & penetration

SCRIMMAGE – Organosilicone Surfactant

Superior surfactancy, weather resistance and specialty uses

BACK FIELD – Sticker

Bonds pesticides to target for extended weather resistance

MOTION – Modified Vegetable Oil Concentrate Penetrant

Enhance penetration through waxy cuticles of established pests

Application Aids

The breathtaking beauty of well-maintained landscapes require the efforts of an unsung and preferably unseen hero, the chemical applicator. Working within limited windows of opportunity, unexpected foam delays or lingering chemical odors could result in missed applications or an unpleasant experience for guests. Providing applicators with the tools they need to efficiently provide discreet pest control prepares them to overcome the variety of challenges inherent in mixing chemicals and applying them in public spaces.

OFFSIDE – Drift Reduction Agent

Control spray fines to minimize application drift

REVERSE – Defoam/Antifoam Agent

Control or prevent tank mix foaming delays

HASH MARK – Pattern Marking Dye

Visible application patterns reduces skips and overlaps

PLAY OFF – Scent Masking Agent

Pleasant wintergreen scent masks pesticide odors

ONSIDE KICK – Tank Cleaner

Reduce the chance of plant injury from mix cross contamination

FORMATION – Hydroseed Tackifier

Improve hydroseed application performance

Direct Application

Top notch turf is important, but landscape features like fountains, flower gardens, trees and shrubbery are highly visible and an essential part of the overall experience. Taking care of delicate ornamentals requires careful management practices whether controlling pests, transplanting flower beds or preparing for seasonal changes. Similarly, aquatic features such as ponds, fountains and hazards can become dingy and unappealing over time. Maintain the appearance of landscape and aquatic features with important applications of the right specialty chemicals.

BOWL GAME – Lake & Pond Dye

Enhance the natural beauty of water features

CHECKDOWN – Anti-Transpirant

Create a protective barrier from transplanting stress and climatic extremes