Drift Reduction Agent & Deposition Aid

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POLYTEX® A 303 is a deposition aid and drift reduction technology (DRT) designed for ease-of-use in spray operations. POLYTEX® A 303can be used with a large variety of ground and aerial equipment and drift reduction nozzles. It is compatible with most glyphosate formulations and a wide range of other active ingredients in tank mixes.



  • Reduces drift away from the target
  • Increases deposition onto pest
  • Compatible with all name brand and generic forms of glyphosate
  • Easy to use with most pesticide tank mixes and spray equipment


Polytex A-303-Use-Rate-Chart

Higher spray pressure or greater agitation requires higher rates to maintain good drift reduction. If unacceptable drift is still occuring, add additional POLYTEX® A 303 in increments of 1 oz. per 100 gallons of spray solution.





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