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Job Summary


The Agronomy Technician will support Exacto’s goals to evaluate new breakthrough technologies and opportunities for business development. The position is directly related to our ability to satisfy our customers and grow our business, and enhances our ability to enter new markets and develop breakthrough technologies for customers and the industries in which we do business.


The Agronomy Technician supports Exacto’s product development pipeline by performing laboratory research studies to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of materials. The Agronomy Technician will also conduct research related to product biological efficacy, compatibility, and practicality in real-world applications related to soil and plants. The data generated from these studies directly feeds the product development pipeline by providing critical information for product selection and screening. The Agronomy Technician is an integral part of the product development pipeline and will help shape the direction of new product offerings for the company.




  • Documents, tracks progress, and conducts reporting for Exacto internal research projects.
  • Designs and conducts laboratory research, manages a greenhouse or growth chamber and performs on-site field trials related to company initiatives around new product development in new markets.
  • Analyze and develop marketing tools (PPT, spreadsheets, etc) from University or 3rd party research trials that support formulation marketing tools. Mines data from past research trials for the same purpose.
  • Prepare and conduct internal spray chamber research projects based on project direction.
  • Participates in external field or lab trial protocol development and follow up.
  • Analyze statistical data obtained from the research, communicate the results and offer ideas on continuous improvement measures
  • Works closely with RDI Manager, RDI Formulation Supervisor, and RDI Agronomists to provide internal and external technical support
  • Provides physical and chemical analysis for new products and make recommendations to RDI Lab Manager
  • Explores and develops new opportunities to expand product offerings, primarily in new markets.
  • Supports the laboratory personnel and technical writer in understanding the products and creating information for distribution.
  • Attends key industry meetings and professional engagement events that enhance knowledge and network.
  • Maintains appropriate documents and records to support patents, materials, products, compliance and projects.
  • Proactively searches and evaluates external patents relevant to our research and development activities.
  • Keep a clean and safe working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Upholds Exacto’s core values, uses Volunteer PTO allocation, and participates in company functions, drives, events and initiatives that support our culture and purpose.



Other Knowledge and Skills

  • Advanced understanding of Plant Physiology, Soils and Agronomy
  • Ability to prioritize project tasks to meet organizational objectives and priorities
  • Experience in Method Development & Hypothesis Testing
  • Experience with data analysis and statistical methods
  • Having a “green thumb” and ability to grow plants
  • Strong sense of curiosity and perpetual hunger to learn
  • Ability to work comfortably with loose objectives and non-linear projects
  • Excellent Communication Skills – Oral & Written
  • Knowledge of Wet Laboratory skills
  • Reliable, Independent and possessing a Good Work Ethic

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